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Model Age is the miniature conception website for your favorite wargames.

A simple and effective principle:

1. You propose sketches.
2. You vote for them on this site.
3. The most popular ones are then carved, produced and put on sale in the store.

You have talent ? Take to your pencil.
Would you like to give your opinion ? Vote.

In any case, participate in the creation of the future Model Age miniatures.

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Concept Model Age

The different stages of the process

dessin figurine


Become a Model Age artist by sending us your miniatures concepts.

>> Submit a sketch
vote figurine


Vote for the sketches already received. Decide together what will be the next production of Model Age.

>> Vote
fabrication figurine


The selected sketches are sculpted by professional artists and then produced by Model Age.
shopping figurine


Miniatures in production are available in pre-sales. Find on sale all the models already produced by Model Age.

>> Store
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