Model Age offers a new concept in the creation of models for fantasy wargames. Take an active part in the creation of your game.


You are a talented designer and wish to take part in our project ? Send us your sketches.

You have a sharp eye and wish to share your opinions ? Vote on the drawings submitted.


The most appreciated drawings will be forwarded to our sculptors and will be transformed into real models.


You will then find all these original creations in our online shop, of course.

An advanced ordering platform will allow you to benefit from these new products at a special price.


The principle is simple and rewarding.

To be informed of the progress of the project sign up. 


And in the meantime, what's happening ?


It's already on the road and we have received many drawings for different Ninth Age's models. Some have been selected and are already submitted to our sculpting team.


When Model Age comes online you will find the following models available for advanced orders. 




Concept by Denis Gonnella

 Knight of Équitaine

Concept by Marcos 24

What can I do in the meantime ?


We welcome all drawings from inspired designers to create new models for the Ninth Age.


Click on the Submit a sketch tab to send us your artwork.


That's all for now folks ! If you wish to discuss further with us please contact us on the following forums :

The ninth Age, the official forum, in english or in french